World’s Biggest Wind Turbines Listed

World’s Biggest Wind Turbines Listed

If you’re interested in wind turbines you should take a look at this post from wind turbine technicians site Wind Turbiner.

This page covers the top 24 biggest wind turbines in the world, their components, and where they have been installed.

It the biggest list on the web. It covers just about every major windmill out there.

There is also a page dedicated to the biggest wind turbine manufacturers.

 It is based on nameplate power rather than size. After that, we are prioritising on the size of the rotor.

One last point — to be included in this group and wind turbine needs to have been a) built, and b) have produced power.

The list covers both onshore and offshore wind turbines. For more on their capabilities to go OnGreentech’s wind turbine database.


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